Hotel Information

ACB convention attendees will be staying in the Monte Carlo or Monaco Towers.  These are the two closest towers to the meeting rooms.  The room numbering system is such that there are no duplicate room numbers.  Rooms 1501 to 2920 are in the Monte Carlo Tower and 4201 to 6407 in the Monaco Tower.  The 12th floor of the Mediterranean South Tower houses the health club.

On the first floor of the meeting area (called the convention center), you will find Grande (A through H), Royale (1 through 8), and the Capri rooms (103 through 116).  We will also be using the Skybox rooms (201 through 212) on the second floor of the convention center.

Events scheduled in suites will be located in the Monte Carlo Tower and we will use the Top of the Riv in the Monaco Tower for the welcome party, auction and banquet.

On the first floor of the Riviera you will also find hotel restaurants (Wicked Vicky’s Tavern, Banana Leaf Café and R Steakhouse and Seafood), along with retail shops, the casino and a food court.