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Services Involved With Audio Description

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On this page we list all the individual, organization, and corporate services that we know about in the USA that are involved with audio description.  The commercial companies typically employ professional audio description personnel who write the description for movies, DVDs, and other media, while the organizations tend to provide audio description services via trained describers for local events.

Want to be listed here or update/verify your information?  Contact the webmaster!  Latest Update Feb 12, 2017.

Organization Location Services Contact
Access Virginia 6 Newport News, VA Provides audio description for local performing arts theatres
Access-USA 7 Clayton, NY Production of all types of alternative format media
Alice Austin 5 Portsmouth, NH Audio Description, consulting, and training for Film, TV, Visual Media and Live Events.  Providing high-quality Audio Description since 2000.  Catering to small-scale projects.  Able to refer for larger volumes of work. 617-513-5373
AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center, Georgia Institute of Technology 7 Atlanta, GA Not-for-profit, disability-focused educational organization provides audio description for media as well as captioning
Arts Access 6 Raleigh, NC AD primarily of Triangle-area live theatre, plus education and information statewide
Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences 0 Seattle, WA AD services for local organizations
Arts for All, Inc. 7 Tucson, AZ AD primarily of local live theatre
Audio Description Access 7 Cincinnati, OH Audio description for live performing arts Mike Snyder
Audio Description Associates LLC 5 Takoma Park, MD AD for museums, perf. arts, and describer training worldwide
Audio Description in Colorado 5 Denver, CO Provides AD for live theatre in Denver and northern Colorado [website pending]
Audio Description Solutions 7 Altadena,CA AD for video, multimedia, theatre, museums, and exhibits, plus trains describers
Audio Description Training Retreats 5 NC Audio description training in a retreat setting, instructors willing to travel to your locale
Audio Eyes, LLC 0 Northridge, CA Blind professionals producing video description for broadcast TV
Audio Journal:
Vince Lombardi 7
Worcester, MA Audio description for live theatre, video, events, galleries and museums. Have voice, will travel.
Audio Reader Service 6 Lawrence, KS Provides trained Audio Describers for live theater events in Kansas City and Lawrence
800-772-8898 (Jennifer)
AudioVision, Inc. of the Bay Area 7 San Francisco, CA Provides audio description services for live events including theater performances, museum exhibits, performance art, music, comedy, parades, meetings, and vacation tours. They also provide recorded description for video and film and offer training for new describers and organizations planning on starting their own description program.
Bridge Multimedia 0 New York, NY Description and captioning for television, digital media, and educational technology -- all languages; full audio production capabilities, HDCAM-SR, NTSC/PAL
Bronwen Andrea Okwesa 5 Metro DC. Will also work virtually. (1) AD scriptwriting and narration for live/recorded performing arts, galleries, museums, heritage sites, parades, conferences, meetings, and other cultural and educational events. (2) Sighted guide services at meetings, conferences, parades, heritage sites, exhibitions, etc. 703-629-5467
CaptionMax 7 Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New York Audio description for television, webcast, and DVD; multi-language Closed Captioning and Subtitling
Charles Constant 5 Los Angeles, CA Professional stage, screen and voiceover actor with extensive experience in Audiobook Narration which, much like AD, requires the skill to detail action while maintaining the mood of the piece. Can provide AD writing and voice services or voice casting for film, TV, live performing arts, museums, exhibits, meetings, cultural events and multimedia, delivering AD live or as finished tracks per your specs. Will work on-site in the Los Angeles area, but also able to work remotely from home studio.
Colleen Connor 5 MD Audio description trainer
Darren Polish Voiceovers 7 Los Angeles, CA Voice Over Artist providing Audio Description for Feature Films for all major studios as well as Netflix Series, Documentaries, and Films. Works on-site in Los Angeles and remotely from professional home studio.
Deluxe Media 5 Burbank, CA Audio Description for Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Television Broadcast & Section 508: Rehabilitation Act compliant Educational IP content, Captioning, Subtitling (50 languages), Scripting, Dubbing, Web-streaming, Editing, Data Asset Management, multi-media platforms, Archival Preservation, Worldwide Full-service production & post-production facilities
Descriptive Audio for the Sight Impaired (DASI) 5 Asheville, NC AD for all main stage productions at Asheville Community Theatre and other venues upon request
Descriptive Video Works 7 Los Angeles, CA Audio Description/Descriptive Video for all media including television, movies, theatrical releases, online streaming, and corporate videos. We also provide live audio description for sporting and political events, live entertainment programming, awards shows and other special events. We can train news anchors to embed description in their televised content.
DICAPTA / Closed Caption Latina 7 Winter Springs, FL Video / Audio Description, Closed Captioning, Real Time / Live Event Captioning, CART services in English & Spanish, Dubbing, Real Time Dubbing to Spanish, Remote Simultaneous Translations, Audio / Digital Books, Audio Recording Services, Voiceovers, Narrations, and other post production services. All services available in English & Spanish.
Disability Rights & Resources 6 Charlotte, NC AD services for local organizations
704-537-0550 (Julia Sain)
Fred Brack 7 Raleigh, NC Audio description writing and/or professional voice-over narration from home studio for pre-recorded media, exhibits, or live events.
IDC (International Digital Centre) 6 New York, NY High Quality Audio Description (large & small volumes), Multi-Language Close Captioning & Subtitling, DCP & IMF, International Voice Dubbing, Audio Books, Voiceovers/Narrative, & Media Processing
Jan Vulgaropulos 6 NC Audio description trainer
JBI Studios - International Voice Over and Multimedia Localization 6 Los Angeles, CA JBI Studios is a one-stop solution for localization. Based in Los Angeles, California, we provide foreign voice-over, dubbing, translation, subtitles and captions, e-learning and multimedia localization.
Jetpack Bacon Creative 6 Phoenix, AZ Description Writer/Producer (audio) on over 20 feature films (including Spider Man with Stan Lee VO)
Karla Pederson Fargo, ND AD for local theatres 218-233-2677
Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts 7 Louiville, KY Provides AD for live theatre, museums, films, and custom recordings. 502-566-5111
LeesLightbox, Lee Kyle, Principal 6 High Point, NC Audio description writing and descriptive narration for pre-recorded multimedia, live events, exhibits. Experienced with sensitive subject matter, classroom presentations, and diverse educational topics: K-12, college, corporate. Informed on accessibility compliance regulations (WCAG 2.0, Section 508) for online visual media. Free consultation.
LHH Consulting 0 Rochester, NY Audio description consulting and training
Linda Ray 7 Asheville, NC Audio description training and consulting 828-505-0338
Martin Wilde 7 Chicago, IL Professional voice actor provides AD writing and voicing services for live performing arts, museums, exhibits, meetings, cultural events, movies, television and multimedia. Can work on-site in the greater Chicagoland area, or remotely in all geographical areas. AD delivered live or as final finished and edited audio tracks.
Mary Lou Fisher 5 Greenbelt, MD Audio Description for live theater, movies, meetings, cultural events, museums and multimedia presentations in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Baltimore. MD areas 301-351-4025
Maryland Arts Access 7 Baltimore, MD Provides AD of live theatre and other events 410-252-7239
Matt Rygelski 5 St Louis, MO Provides AD services for live theatre, performing arts, parades, and cultural events in the St. Louis city and St. Louis county area, as well as the Southwestern Illinois region 618-698-6698
Media Access Group, WGBH 7 Boston, MA Since 1972, WGBH has pioneered the development of methods and solutions to make media accessible.  The Media Access Group at WGBH provides the full range of captioning and audio description services for broadcast and cable television, DVDs, motion pictures, educational and corporate media, museums, national park venues, tours and live events.
Media Movers 7 New York, NY Audio description dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers, & production in all languages
Metropolitan Washington Ear 7 Silver Spring, MD Provides AD for live theatre, museums, films, training; Radio Reading Service; Dial-In Newspaper and Magazine Reading
Mhairi Steenbock 7 Los Angeles, CA Freelance audio describer with over 10 years of experience working within film and TV. Based in LA, recent credits include Master Chef, Master Chef Junior and Hell's Kitchen, (all for FOX).  Writes and voices and will work remotely. 310-308-0867
Mind's Eye Audio Productions 7 Madison, WI Audio Description; Video Description; Voice-over talent; Languages; Audio production services
Narrative Television Network 7 Tulsa, OK Video description for TV and movies
National Captioning Institute (NCI) Described Media 7 Chantilly, VA Description for TV, DVDs, Film, Gov't
Patricia Shanks 5 Los Angeles, CA Professional voiceover artist experienced in audio description
Q Media Productions 7 Winter Gardens (Orlando), FL Audio tours for museum, cultural, and historical organizations including interpretive, foreign language, audio description and sign language using audio guides, apps, downloads, cell phones and other technology
Rick Jacobson 0 St Louis Park, MN AD for live theater and events throughout the Twin Cities area and beyond
Soundchef International 0 Hollywood, CA Professional talented voice over artists providing audio description dubbing for Television, Film and digital media, domestic & International.  Full audio post sound services include experienced rerecording mixers, state of the art facilities and rosters of VO talent.
(TDF Accessibility Programs) 7
New York, NY Offers audio description and discount tickets, among other accessibility services.  Read articles about their work at TDF1 and TDF2. TDF/TAP
Valerie H Productions 5 Kingsville, OH More than a decade of providing audio description (described video) for TV, movies, and web content. Creator of the Movies For the Blind podcast.
Twitter: @movies4theblind
View Via Headphones
(via Sight-Loss Support Group) 7
State College, PA Provides AD for live performing arts, museums, and other cultural events, plus consultation and training
Vision Loss Connections 7 Seattle, WA We organize groups to attend Audio Described Performances at the 5th Avenue Theater and Seattle Opera and coordinate outreach for Seattle Art Museum's Access Tours
VITAC 0 Canonsburg, PA National providers of video description and closed captioning for broadcast and non-broadcast media
Voice of Vision 6 Triad Area, NC Provides audio description for 3 Triad theaters:  Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance, Twin City Stage, and Triad Stage at Hanesbrands Theatre
VSA Arizona
ARTability Program 0
Tucson, AZ Audio Description services for live performances, meetings and art museums. Coordinates and trains qualified describers. 520-631-6253
VSA Minnesota 7 Minneapolis, MN Assists and publicizes AD, ASL, and other access services at MN arts events
612-332-3888; 800-801-3883
VSA Texas 0 Austin, TX Provides AD for live theater, dance, art events and first run feature movies in Austin, and promote AD in San Antonio through ACCESS San Antonio

0 = listing information not recently updated, may be out of date (send your update to the webmaster today!) PLANNED FOR DELETION END OF MARCH 2017
5 = listing information verified in 2015
6 = listing information verified in 2016
7 = listing information verified in 2017