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Hulu Audio Described Titles

The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on Hulu, which is only available in the USA.  Jump to Titles.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Oct 4, 2019; count = 57 titles.  Additions to this list are generally posted on Twitter and Facebook.  The New date is the date added here during the last month, which may be later than Hulu added it.  New  You can also view the official list of audio described titles on Hulu, although since it is new, it may be incomplete at this time.  If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Hulu, please call their Customer Service desk at 888-631-4858.

To access audio description with Hulu ...

  • With a PC browser at, click the tool icon (a gear) in the lower left of the screen to bring up the Subtitles and Audio Menu by clicking the arrow icon on the right side of the tool menu, as shown below.  (This might not be possible without sighted assistance.)
     Hulu Tools Menu  Subtitles and Audio Menu
    The default Audio option on the right side will most likely be English.  Select the next option down, if available:  English - Audio Description. NOTE:  If you use a browser on a SmartPhone, you will invoke the Hulu App to play the video, subject to the conditions outlined below.
  • Reportedly, if you watch a show without AD following one with AD, the AD then has to be turned on again next time.
  • On a Mac, Hulu works with the Firefox and Chrome browsers, but not Safari, as of September 4.
  • Apple TV now supports AD!  To activate description while watching a video, swipe DOWN on the controller to bring up the menu at the top of the screen; then swipe RIGHT TWICE to get to the AUDIO menu. If you are already at the Audio menu, swiping right won't hurt. Then swipe DOWN to get to the individual audio options; LEFT to get to Languages; and DOWN to get to Audio Description. The menu should disappear and AD should begin.
  • As far as we know, no other platforms support Audio Description for Hulu yet, including iPhone and iPad Apps, and the Android App.  If you attempt to open Hulu with a browser on these devices, the App will be invoked.  The Settlement Agreement does not require full support until January 2020.
  • You may be able to find out when the above Apps are supported by visiting the Hulu Release Notes page periodically, as we do, though we have never noticed any specific reference to accessibility there.
  • New.  NOTE:  On October 3, Hulu issued a press release titled Making Hulu More Accessible than Ever Before primarily addressing improvements for screen reader and low vision users.  It indicates that these improvement will roll out first to Roku devices, then others soon.


  • For SERIES, some shows do not have description for all seasons.  We identify what we know at time of publication; send us updates!
  • You can view the Hulu AD Announcement History.
  • Hulu began offering description on February 1, 2019, and we began this list in March.

Alphabetized List of Hulu Titles With AD

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(We'll add By-Genre listings here when Hulu has more titles ...)

Recent Additions

The following titles were added on Oct 4.   Other recent additions are noted in the listing.

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SUMMARY:  57 titles.

NOTE:  Additions are denoted with the New icon when we learn about them, and we will leave the "Added" notation up for a few weeks.  Because this is a relatively new streaming service for AD, we solicit viewer help in advising us of new described titles!  Contact the Webmaster via the link below.