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Amazon Prime Video Audio Description Options

Prime Video AD 

This page discusses how to activate audio description while using Amazon's Prime Video and offers some information about which devices support audio description.

Subtitles and Audio Icon To activate description while using a browser simply press the "A" key on your keyboard.  This will cycle through any existing audio track options.  (If you were to do this with the cursor, you would move the cursor to the top right of the screen, click on the Subtitles and Audio menu, and choose English Audio Description as the language from the Audio menu.)  Once you make this language choice, it will persist to the next movie which has the option on the same device.  You can start a movie on one device and switch to another, but both devices must have enabled description.  See Keyboard Shortcuts on Prime Video.

Listed titles may be watched on many devices.  Look for "Supported Devices" on this Prime Video Help page, then look for "Audio Description: Yes" under your device.  Note that Roku does not support description on Prime Video at this time.  iOS and Android users must install the free Prime Video app.  Using iOS and Voiceover, double-tap the screen and swipe until you reach the Audio menu.  Android users would use TalkBack.  On Apple TV, swipe down, then twice to the right to get to the Audio menu; and note that at the present time, description is the first English choice, unmarked, subject to change.  Your choice will be remembered for each device.

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