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Amazon Prime Video Audio Described Titles

Jump to Titles. The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on USA Amazon Prime Video (streaming or purchase).  This listing is provided by the Audio Description Project based on input directly from Amazon.  Amazon accepts feedback at

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  May 13, 2019; count = 534 titles.  [Some titles were corrected on May 14.]  Additions to this list are generally posted on Twitter and Facebook.  The New date is the date added here during the last month, which may be slightly after Prime Video added it.

Subtitles and Audio IconAudio Description of Amazon Prime Video movies and TV series is provided as an additional language track, just like it is on DVDs.  All you need to do is go to the detail page of the movie or TV show you would like to watch (by clicking our link), click on Watch Now, go to the Subtitles and Audio menu and choose English Audio Description as the language from the Audio menu.  If you make a choice of English Audio Description once, it will persist to the next movie which has the option on the same device.  You can start a movie on one device and switch to another, but both devices must have enabled description.  Note:  for series, not all seasons are necessarily described.

Listed titles may be watched on the following DEVICES:  PCs; Macs; Amazon Fire Tablets (2nd Gen up), all Fire TV devices, Echo Show; iOS devices (including Apple TV); and Android devices.  Others may be added in the future.  Roku does not support description on Prime Video yet.  See this Prime Video Devices and Features page and look for "Audio Description: Yes" under your device.  iOS and Android users must install the free Prime Video app.  Using iOS and Voiceover, double-tap the screen and swipe until you reach the Audio menu.  Android users would use TalkBack.  On Apple TV, swipe down, then twice to the right to get to the Audio menu; and note that at the present time, description is the first English choice, unmarked, subject to change.  Sighted assistance may be required the first time, but your choice will be remembered for each device.  Of possible interest:  a podcast on the Toshiba Fire TV and Amazon's Fire Cube (demo by Amazon's Peter Korn, Director of Accessibility).

Fees:  Original Amazon-produced series and some movies are free for Prime members (denoted as "Included with Prime" online).  Other titles can generally be rented or purchased, though some are purchase-only.  In a few cases, due to licensing issues movies on this list that are denoted "Included with Prime" online will not have AD in the free streaming version, but will have AD if you rent or purchase them.

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF AMAZON PRIME:  Join Amazon Prime - Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime - Start Free Trial Now.  If you are a student, you are eligible for:  Prime Student 6-month Trial.

Alphabetized List of Prime Video Titles With AD

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Recent Additions

The following titles were added on May 13.   Other recent additions are noted in the listing.

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SUMMARY:  534 titles.