Charter's Accessible Features

The following is a message from Charter Communications:
At Spectrum we are redefining what a cable company can be. As America’s fastest-growing TV, internet and voice provider, we are working hard every day to provide our customers the best possible products and service—today and in the future. Inclusive design has become part of all Spectrum development projects, consistent with our commitment to deliver a broad range of innovative user benefits to our entire customer base.
Spectrum is proud to offer multiple audible TV experiences, depending on your location, to enable customers with visual disabilities to engage in digital content more easily than ever before. Audible TV experiences are available on your TV through the Spectrum Guide, on mobile devices through the Spectrum TV App or through an online TV portal. For more information, or to request Spectrum's accessible products and services (including Braille or large-print documentation), please visit or call us at 1-844-762-1301.