2017 Scholarship Winners

Meet the American Council of the Blind 2017 scholarship winners!
Information provided includes the scholarship won, the recipient’s name and the state of residence.
Bay State, Matthew Shifrin, MA
Blueridge, Miranda Borka, VA
Dr. Duane Buckley, Trinh Ha, AR
Dresser Memorial, Amber Steet, PA
Burson/Schecter, Olivia Charland, MA
William Corey, Benjamin Chase, PA
Eunice Fiorito, Moses Babafemi, CA
Arnold Sadler, Lindsay Ball, ME
Kelly Cannon, Michael Fulton, CT
Oregon, Qassim Saad, OR
James R. Olsen, Matthew Turner, ID
Ross N. Pangere, Sasha Somuah, CT
Ross N. Pangere, Matthew Miller, IL
Ross N. Pangere, Kartik Sawney, CA
John Hebner, Leonard Moore, NC
Flloyd Qualls, Millad Bokhouri, PA
Flloyd Qualls, Ethan Markowitz, NY
Flloyd Qualls, Abby Edwards, OH
Flloyd Qualls, Dora Hernandez, CO
Flloyd Qualls, Cassandra Mendez, OH
The ACB Scholarship Committee commends this year's recipients for the accomplishments they have achieved and we wish them well in their future endeavors.